We offer Sales and Engineering support for our clients which are in the field of electronic developments and energy propulsion systems.

We have been involved in developments of classic ICE powertrains, hybrid systems and BEV`s over many years.

"GSnet" guides and project manages power distribution systems for a variety of on-board and offboard vehicle systems, from bikes through to cars. We can provide a safe integration solution including hardware, software, housings, connectors network bus and cables. Our developments support CAN-bus control and compliance with UN ECE Regulation.

Powertrain electrification requires a deep understanding of power and energy flows within the system. An understanding and the optimisation of the system gets achieved through modelling and simulation of powertrain architectures applied to a target vehicle. "GSnet" has very experienced partner where we model complex powertrain architectures from ICE to BEV´s.  Our goal is to manage your project and find your customer by being the link in sales and engineering with structured development process know from the German Automotive Industry.

We use at complex engineering projects the latest simulations and use validated models for system realisation. We value budgets and timelines and use simulation to justify commercial decisions of new technologies before hardware build costs and time will be committed. Additionally tests will proof the simulation, while "GSnet" supports and consults all agreed and required tests and validations. If required we guide UN38.3 testing for batteries or evaluate and support prototype volumes.



"GSnet" supports developments and integrates battery and super-capacitor energy storage systems for small vehicles and automotive applications. We leave the big battery system to the battery manufacturer which produces the cell as OEMs. However we support ll kind of battery chemistries and power solutions.
We have deep inside to sell and integrate low voltage batteries (12V) for bord-net systems and develop the proper battery management system including CAN-BUS communication.

We know and support the rules in Motorsport (FIA) in regards of safetey and as well provide all documents for air fright transportations of energy storages (declared as dangerous goods).