About Us


In 2008 E. & G Seitz started an Automotive Engineering Company to service B2B clients.
In 2016 GmbH & CO KG evolved out of the Sales and Engineering Business and has been founded by E. and G. Seitz who recognised the challenges being faced by clients wishing to achieve powertrain electrification in terms of design support and consultancy, we have established to exceed expections of our customer. GmbH & Co KG has the goal to serve its clients with "Good Solutions" and generate business by selling nische products for lightweight performance vehicles.

Our experienced, team leads developments of combustion engines, hybrid powertrains or battery electric integrations. From our experience we understand the technical challenges, the applicable standards and regulations and how to deliver your program on time and in budget.

Even so "GSnet" has its history in Motorsport, Marine, and Industrial clients are as well amongst our customer. We established contacts to specialised manufacturers worldwide and offer special solutions and services for lightweight mobility on land, see and air out of Germany.

Sustainable and safe battery solutions for the powertrains are our top priority.